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向 - To Face
Index #376
Grade 3
6 strokes
JLPT Level: N3
Readings: コウ, む・く, む・ける
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Kanji Primes
Compound Kanji

Common Vocab

むこう 向こう
the other side, the other party, opponent
むく 向く
turn, face, look
むかう 向かう
face, confront, head toward
ほうこう 方向
direction, course
けいこう 傾向
tendency, disposition
どうこう 動向
trend, tendency
いこう 意向
intention, inclination
まえむき 前向き
facing forward, positively
むける 向ける
turn toward, point at
いっこうに 一向に
absolutely, at all
ふりむく 振り向く
turn around, look back
むき 向き
direction, turn
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