Privacy Policy

Effective 9/21/2021


uchisen takes your privacy very seriously. We don't collect any information on our own (besides that which is explicitly given, i.e. email address during account registration). The only info not explicitly given that is collected is done by third party tools that uchisen employs (more information available in Sections 2 and 3).

1.) Personal Data

uchisen only collects personally identifiable information (email, name, address) when explicitly given from users.
Below is a list of all personally identifiable information collected by uchisen:

Information collected when logging in through social sites, such as when using the "Continue with Google" or "Continue with Facebook" buttons, is limited to the email address used on those accounts. Amendments can be made to personal data by changing it in the settings page or by emailing To request deletion of your uchisen account data, please follow the instructions on the Deletion Request page.

2.) Usage & Analytics

uchisen uses an analytics tool, "Google Analytics", provided by Google, Inc., to see usage trends on the site over time and to make important improvements to usability, etc. The information collected is made anonymous by Google, so none of it is directly identifiable.
For more information, please read the Google Analytics Terms of Service and Google's Privacy Policy.
To opt out, see Section 4, "Opting out of Cookies Usage".

uchisen uses reCAPTCHA, also provided by Google, Inc. This is used in order to fend against spam attacks on certain web forms (i.e. account creation, submitting feedback, etc.). This works by checking Google cookies left in users' browsers and collecting more information when filling out the forms.

uchisen uses Stripe to process payments. If you purchase goods from uchisen, your information is sent to Stripe and processed on their servers. More information can be found in their privacy policy.

3.) Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored in your browser. uchisen collects no first-party cookies and stores only two, in order to remember users if they choose to stay logged in or if they use the "Sign in with Google" feature. However, we employ the tool Google Analytics on our site that collects third-party cookies. We do this to see user trends in use of our website. Google tracks preferences during your visits to the website using cookies to help us make important changes to the website, i.e. fixing page layout if there's a large drop-off of users, etc. To opt out of this, see Section 4, "Opting out of Cookies Usage".

4.) Opting Out of Cookies Usage

To opt out of this, Google has created an opt out extension tool available here. In order to have uchisen not store any cookies, simply uncheck the "stay logged in" button when logging into the site. To fully block cookies usage, block them by changing your cookies settings in your browser.

5.) Making a "Do Not Track" Request

When making a "Do Not Track" request, Google Analytics will stop collecting data. uchisen will continue not collecting data (unless that which is explicitly requested and freely given).

6.) Requesting Deletion of Data

To request deletion of your uchisen account data, please follow the instructions on the Deletion Request page. All data tied to your account, along with your account, will be deleted within 30 days from the request.

7.) Security

Security is very important to uchisen, which is why we use many up-to-date methods of storing and transmitting sensitive data. However, no security suite is 100% perfect, so we cannot guarantee absolute security.

8.) Changes to this Policy

This privacy policy is effective as of February 27th, 2023 and will remain effective except until changes are made. We reserve the right to make changes in the future, and by continuing use of our services constitutes your acknowledgement of the policy and any changes made.

If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please contact us.