uchisen is the product of two passions, Japanese and computer science, coming together in harmony (although it might not look like it right now)! We believe that the kanji journey is one that should be enjoyed, which is what we set out to do when we first started creating what is now the website in front you. All text-only mneumonics felt like they were missing something, so we tried our hardest to create fun-to-look-at visuals and memorable mneumonics. This site is currently undergoing heavy development (as I'm sure you can all tell) so if you have any feedback or features you'd like to see, please send it along to us!
Frankie & Saori, the creators of uchisen
Frankie and Saori
met at Southern Illinois Univsersity in the Japanese program there. They both enjoy watching Terrace House, playing video games, and teaching passionate self-learners (like you!) the beautiful language of Japanese.
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If you have any questions, propositions, or would just like to talk, please connect with us!

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Graditude & Licenses
Thank you those who worked on the KanjiVG project! The animated kanji images that you can see on kanji pages are based on the work done there. This project is licensed under Creative Commons Share-alike 3.0 license, so all animated gifs created from those are available at the Github in the animated/ folder.

The scripts used to generate animated kanji from the KanjiVG are slightly tweaked versions of the scripts from maurimo's kanimaji project. Those scripts can also be found on the github Github and are available under the MIT license.

Also, thank you to those contributing to wanakana, the software that allows for input to be converted into kana, currently present in the kana drills.

Wanakana is available under the MIT license.