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口 - Mouth, Entrance
Index #4
Grade 1
3 strokes
JLPT Level: N4
Readings: コウ, ク, くち
This is a pictogram of an open mouth. This kanji is also used to mean opening, as in entrances or exits.

Common Vocab

でぐち 出口
exit, exit ramp
かいさつぐち 改札口
ticket barrier, wicket
むくち 無口
not speaking much, reticence
ひとくち 一口
mouthful, bite
わるくち 悪口
slander, abuse
かこう 河口
river mouth, estuary
うらぐち 裏口
back door, kitchen door
りこう 利口
clever, bright
くちべに 口紅
lipstick, rouge
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