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見 - See
Index #68
Grade 1
7 strokes
JLPT Level: N5
Readings: ケン, み・る, み・える
If our eyes had legs, imagine how much of the world we could see. You could send them places inaccessible to us mere humans (and maybe you could find all that change that disappeared under the couch).
Kanji Primes
Compound Kanji

Common Vocab

みつかる 見つかる
be found, be caught
みる 見る
see, look at
はなみ 花見
flower viewing
みおくり 見送り
seeing someone off
けんがく 見学
observation tour, study tour, field trip
みおくる 見送る
see (someone) off
みかた 見方
view, way of looking
はっけん 発見
discovery, revelation
けんぶつ 見物
sightseeing, visit
みほん 見本
sample, model
みおぼえ 見覚え
recognition, remembrance
みとおし 見通し
perspective, prospect
つきみ 月見
moon viewing
みなおす 見直す
reconsider, change one's opinion for the better
みごと 見事
splendid, admirable
みだし 見出し
headline, heading
みならう 見習う
learn, follow someone's example
みこみ 見込み
hope, prospect
みくらべる 見比べる
look from one to another, compare
みおとす 見落とす
miss, fail to notice
みあい 見合い
meeting with a view to marriage
みかけ 見かけ
looks, appearance
みまもる 見守る
watch, keep watch over
けんぶつにん 見物人
spectator, sightseer
はいけん 拝見
humbly look at or see
みちがえる 見違える
mistake, fail to recognize
へんけん 偏見
prejudice, biased view
みおろす 見下ろす
look down, overlook
みまい 見舞い
personal visit
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