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中 - Middle
Index #25
Grade 1
4 strokes
JLPT Level: N5
Readings: チュウ, ジュウ, なか
Some parents wish they could prop open their childrens' mouths with a stick in the middle so they would be able to feed them more easily.
Kanji Primes
Compound Kanji

Common Vocab

よなか 夜中
midnight, dead of night
ちゅうがく 中学
junior high school
ちゅうがくせい 中学生
junior high school student
inside, middle
さいちゅう 最中
in the middle of, during
よのなか 世の中
the world, society
ちゅうこ 中古
secondhand goods
おちゅうげん お中元
mid-year gift, summer gift
ちゅうし 中止
suspension, stopping
まよなか 真夜中
midnight, middle of the night
まちなか 町中
the downtown area, the central area of a town
しゅうちゅう 集中
concentration, convergence
ちゅうりゅう 中流
mid-stream, middle reaches
ちゅうだん 中断
interruption, discontinuance
とちゅう 途中
on the way, half way
なかみ 中身
content, interior
middle, medium size
ちゅうきゅう 中級
middle-class, intermediate
すいちゅう 水中
in the water, underwater
ちゅうけい 中継
relay, broadcasting
ちゅうじゅん 中旬
middle ten days of a month
くうちゅう 空中
in the air, in the sky
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