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議 - Deliberation
Index #763
Grade 4
20 strokes
JLPT Level: N3
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Common Vocab

かいぎ 会議
conference, meeting
ぎかい 議会
assembly, council
ぎだい 議題
topic for discussion, agenda
ふしぎ 不思議
mystery, wonder
ぎろん 議論
argument, discussion
きょうぎ 協議
conference, deliberation
さんぎいん 参議院
House of Councilors, Upper House
こうぎ 抗議
protest, remonstrance
しんぎ 審議
deliberation, consideration
しゅうぎいん 衆議院
House of Representatives, Lower House
ぎちょう 議長
chairman, president
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