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立 - Stand Up
Index #70
Grade 1
5 strokes
JLPT Level: N4
Readings: リツ, リュウ, た・つ
The horned one is able to stand up on a pot lid, completely balanced! He shows this talent to everyone in 地獄.

This character, the horned one, is the counterpart to our good friend, the big one (featured in ). The big one is a positive 1, while the horned one is a negative 1.
Kanji Primes
Compound Kanji

Common Vocab

たつ 立つ
stand, rise
やくにたつ 役に立つ
be useful, be helpful
たてる 立てる
stand, set up, establish
たちば 立場
standpoint, position
たいりつ 対立
opposition, antagonism
りっぱ 立派
fine, excellent
くみたてる 組み立てる
build, set up, construct
めだつ 目立つ
stand out, be conspicuous
やくだつ 役立つ
be of use, serve a purpose
しりつ 市立
municipal, city
とりつ 都立
metropolitan, Tokyo metropolitan
せつりつ 設立
establishment, foundation
たちなおる 立ち直る
recover, regain one's footing
たてかえる 立て替える
pay for another, pay in advance
なりたつ 成り立つ
consist of, be built on
たてこむ 立て込む
full of, crowded with
ゆうだち 夕立
sudden evening shower
りょうりつ 両立
managing two things, having it both ways
どくりつ 独立
independence, self-reliance
そうりつ 創立
establishment, organization
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