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気 - Spirit
Index #74
Grade 1
6 strokes
JLPT Level: N5
Readings: キ, ケ
Your spirits are raised when you see the location of the buried treasure in the middle of the water vapor geyser (but lower when you realize you'll have to dodge all that hot gas)!
Kanji Primes

Common Vocab

げんき 元気
healthy, energetic
きもち 気持ち
feeling, sensation
spirit, temperament
くうき 空気
air, atmosphere
でんき 電気
electricity, electric light
きをつける 気を付ける
take care of, pay attention to
きにいる 気に入る
like, be pleased with
きぶん 気分
feeling, mood
きがる 気軽
lighthearted, easy
げんき 元気
vigor, spirits
きりょく 気力
energy, vitality
よわき 弱気
timid, weak-spirited
たんき 短気
short temper
つよき 強気
tough, bullish
なまいき 生意気
cheeky, conceited
へいき 平気
nonchalant, calm
きしょう 気象
weather condition
きらく 気楽
easygoing, comfortable
しっけ 湿気
moisture, dampness
ふけいき 不景気
business depression, slump
ようき 陽気
cheerful, bright
けいき 景気
economic climate
きづく 気付く
notice, become aware of
きあつ 気圧
atmospheric pressure
ていきあつ 低気圧
low pressure, atmospheric depression
きのどく 気の毒
pitiable, regrettable
ゆげ 湯気
steam, vapor
ほんき 本気
seriousness, earnestness
ゆうき 勇気
courage, nerve
ふんいき 雰囲気
atmosphere, mood
むじゃき 無邪気
innocence, simplicity
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