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正 - Correct
Index #95
Grade 1
5 strokes
JLPT Level: N4
Readings: セイ, ショウ, ただ・しい
This kanji has a very large number of right angles for its size (and right is a synonym with this kanji's keyword, correct). Sorry for the stretch story on this one, it might just be easier to memorize this by brute force.

Common Vocab

せいかく 正確
accurate, precise
ただしい 正しい
correct, righteous, lawful
しょうご 正午
noon, noontime
せいぎ 正義
justice, righteousness
せいもん 正門
main gate, main entrance
せいかい 正解
right answer, correct solution
せいざ 正座
sitting upright with legs folded under one
ふせい 不正
fraud, impropriety
かいせい 改正
revision, amendment
ていせい 訂正
correction, amendment
しゅうせい 修正
correction, revision
right, positiveness
せいしき 正式
formal, regular
せいじょう 正常
normality, normalcy
まさに 正に
just, surely
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