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本 - Book, Origin
Index #82
Grade 1
5 strokes
JLPT Level: N5
Readings: ホン, もと
A book is just one of the many things that originates from trees (origin is another main meaning of this kanji).
Compound Kanji

Common Vocab

book, volume
ほんや 本屋
bookstore, bookseller
ほんとう 本当
truth, reality
きほん 基本
basis, foundation
ほんにん 本人
the person himself, the said person
みほん 見本
sample, model
ほんもの 本物
real thing, genuine article
てほん 手本
model, example
えほん 絵本
picture book
ほんしつ 本質
essence, reality
ほんごく 本国
one's native country
ほんぶん 本文
text, this text
ほんかくてき 本格的
full-scale, authentic
ほんぶ 本部
head office, headquarters
ふるほん 古本
secondhand book
ほんらい 本来
originally, essentially
ほんき 本気
seriousness, earnestness
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