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学 - Study
Index #87
Grade 1
8 strokes
JLPT Level: N5
Readings: ガク, まな・ぶ
In the dwarf kingdom, in order to become heir to the crown, you must be the child that studies the most.
Kanji Primes
Compound Kanji

Common Vocab

だいがく 大学
university, college
りゅうがくせい 留学生
student studying abroad
けんがく 見学
observation tour, study tour, field trip
つうがく 通学
attending school, going to school
にゅうがく 入学
enter a school, matriculate
ちゅうがく 中学
junior high school
ちゅうがくせい 中学生
junior high school student
しょうがくせい 小学生
schoolchildren, schoolboy
しんがく 進学
entering a school of higher grade
きゅうがく 休学
leave of absence, absence
ごがく 語学
language study
がくわり 学割
student discount
しんがっき 新学期
new term, new semester
ざいがく 在学
attendance at school
がくねん 学年
school year, grade
がくぶ 学部
faculty, department
ぶんがくしゃ 文学者
literary person, literati
がっかい 学会
academic association, academic conference
いがく 医学
medical science, medicine
たいがく 退学
withdrawal from school
がくれき 学歴
educational history
がくりょく 学力
scholastic performance, academic ability
がっか 学科
subject, department
こうがくぶ 工学部
department of engineering
がくひ 学費
school expenses, tuition
がくもん 学問
learning, scholarship
しょうがくきん 奨学金
scholarship, fellowship
がくえん 学園
educational institution, school
まなぶ 学ぶ
learn, study
がくちょう 学長
college president
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