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Index #81
Grade 1
6 strokes
JLPT Level: N5
Readings: セン, さき
In a previous era, we had to bend our legs (walk) on soil. Now, we just walk around on asphalt and concrete.
Kanji Primes
Compound Kanji

Common Vocab

ahead, first
さきに 先に
before, ahead
せんとう 先頭
forefront, head
せんじつ 先日
the other day, a few days ago
さいせんたん 最先端
cutting edge, forefront
あてさき 宛先
recipient, addressee
さきほど 先程
some time ago, a little while ago
まっさき 真っ先
first thing, forefront
せんたん 先端
edge, vanguard
せんぱい 先輩
senior, superior
せんぞ 先祖
forefather, ancestor
そせん 祖先
ancestor, forefather
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