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何 - What
Index #338
Grade 2
7 strokes
JLPT Level: N5
Readings: カ, なに, なん
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Kanji Primes
Compound Kanji

Common Vocab

what, which
なんど 何度
how many degrees, how many times
what, which
なにか 何か
something, some
なにより 何より
above all, before everything else
なにか 何か
something, some
なんで 何で
why, what for
なにしろ 何しろ
anyhow, as you know
なんとか 何とか
somehow or other, one way or another
なんとなく 何となく
in some way, somehow
なんぜん 何千
several thousand, thousands
なんだか 何だか
somehow, what's what
なんびゃく 何百
several hundred, hundreds
なんべん 何遍
how many times
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