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付 - Attach
Index #595
Grade 4
5 strokes
JLPT Level: N3
Readings: フ, つ・ける, つ・く
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Kanji Primes
Compound Kanji

Common Vocab

つける 付ける
attach, set, apply
かたづける 片付ける
put in order, dispose of, do away with
うけつけ 受付
receptionist, information office
ちかづく 近付く
approach, get acquainted
かたづく 片付く
be put in order, be settled
きをつける 気を付ける
take care of, pay attention to
つく 付く
attach itself to, be connected with
きづく 気付く
notice, become aware of
おいつく 追い付く
overtake, catch up with
つきあい 付き合い
friendship, association
つきあう 付き合う
socialize with, see someone
ふろく 付録
appendix, supplement
ふぞく 付属
attachment, belonging
きずつく 傷付く
get injured, be hurt
かおつき 顔付き
face, expression
ふきん 付近
neighborhood, environs
なづける 名付ける
name, give a name to
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